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The Arctic Expedition 2020-2024

Since June 2020, and in partnership with the University of Geneva, Switzerland, the Fondation Pacifique is conducting a 5 year long expedition, from east to west, around the Arctic ocean with its sailing boats the Mauritius. The goal of this expedition is to monitor greenhouse gases concentrations and to better evaluate the impact of climate change in one of the most sensitive region of the globe.

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Past expeditions

IMG-EXP-FP-Ocean mapping expedition

The Ocean Mapping Expedition 2015-2019

500 years after Ferdinand Magellan, the Pacific Foundation undertook a 4-year round-the-world sailing expedition aboard Fleur de Passion to observe, understand and map the state of the oceans following the course of the expedition led by the discoverer of the Pacific.
IMG-EXP-FP-The changing Oceans expedition


Under the patronage of UNESCO and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the Pacific Foundation is leading a first long-term expedition, The Changing Oceans Expedition, in the Mediterranean, Atlantic, North and Baltic Seas, the Red Sea and the Caribbean aboard Fleur de Passion, during which it is conducting various scientific programs in partnership with academic institutions and international NGOs.

The Changing Oceans