Youth at sea

At the school of life

The «Youth at sea» program

During this Arctic expedition, Mauritius welcomes teenagers or young adults within the framework of the socio-educational program “Youth at Sea”.

Conducted since 2009 by the Association Pacifique, this program consists of care, reception on board and post-navigation follow-up of adolescents in reintegration.

Aged 14 to 18, these young people take part in life on board and are supervised by shipboard educators.

More information on the Pacific Association website.

Program News



“It was an awsome experience to visit other countries, and to learn a lot of things. Thank you Pacifique, that was a real pleasure.”
Sahan P., Douarnenez-Tromsø, June-July 2020
“This experience has changed my life a lot. Going to another horizon has allowed me to broaden my horizons in this professional world because I intend to stay in this field. It is one of the best and will remain so for life.”
Samuel C., Douarnenez-Tromsø, June-July 2020

Pedagogical objectives


Discover sailing


Handling sails aboard an old sailboat


Maneuvering in groups and by hand


Discover the might of nature


Respect the environment


Experience group life in organized shifts


Mobilize their resources, strengths and weaknesses


Participate in routine maintenance and life on board