The artists

Under the gaze of artists “in residence”.

In the true spirit of the Fondation Pacifique and its multidisciplinary approach, the Arctic Expedition welcomes artists “in residence”. The mission of these illustrators is to bring a personal but universally resonating perspective of the themes at the heart of the expedition.

Their goal is to contribute to raising awareness of sustainable development issues around the world. Throughout the journey, through collective or personal achievements, their artworks are shared through publications, exhibitions or any other mode that allows interaction with the general public, at ports of call and in Switzerland.

Katharina Kreil

Visual artist, engraver or draftswoman, Katharina Kreil likes to work with her family. With her husband Marc Calame, she shapes objects, furniture, slabs and pieces of art to sublimate concrete, considered as a cheap material and without nobility, and make it an aesthetic and artistic support. She speaks of “haute couture concrete” and participated in an exhibition with a series of plates printed using a concrete engraving process. And with her brother Aymon Kreil, a screenwriter and anthropologist, she publishes comic book pages in various magazines, and powerfully illustrates a long poem written by him, Hommage aux éponges, an ode in alexandrine (kitchen). Within the framework of the Arctic tour, she intends to take the practice of engraving to the highest latitudes.


Matthieu Berthod

Matthieu Berthod is a graphic designer, illustrator and cartoonist. He was trained in illustration at the School of Decorative Arts in Geneva and then in graphic design at the Schule für Gestaltung in Bern. Dividing his time between the city and the mountains, between Switzerland and abroad, he is in charge of the publishing workshop of the Geneva Conservatories and Botanical Gardens. A traveler at heart, he has embarked on several occasions on sailing ships as an “expedition painter”, notably on board the Fleur de Passion as part of The Ocean Mapping Expedition.

Ambroise Héritier

Ambroise Héritier is a versatile artist, a painter, illustrator, comic book author, photographer, engraver, and poster artist. He uses diverse approaches, techniques and styles. His charcoals, photos or monotypes (single-print prints) are imbued with misty, fleeting, melancholic atmospheres that sometimes fade into a form of abstraction behind a curtain of shadow, mist or rain. He also loves to travel, having embarked several times on the previous expedition to the Pacific and along the Greenland coast.

Pierre Baumgart

Born in 1969 in Geneva, Pierre Baumgart has always been passionate about wildlife and nature. He is a draftsman, engraver and naturalist watercolorist. He follows the footsteps of the great Swiss naturalist artist Robert Hainard (1906-1999), whom he met as a child and whom he later asked to teach him his particular engraving technique, between European tradition and Japanese printmaking, with gradations and touches of color.