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Help us better understand our oceans to preserve these ecosystems vital for humanity

Why support the Fondation Pacifique

Oceans and coastal regions are essential to life on our planet. Oceans are its largest ecosystem regulating climate changes. Economy, nutrition, health and wellbeing, water supply and energy all over the globe depend on them.

Oceanic sciences have become essential to ensure the Earth’s sustainability and a sensible management of the oceans.

The Fondation Pacifique like to contribute to the global efforts to meet ecological challenges our planet has to face. You can help us in our mission.

How to support the Fondation Pacifique

Private Patronage – Make a donation

Every contribution, no matter the size, provides essential support to the operation and management of the missions.

Donations to the Fondation Pacifique are tax-deductible.

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Bank details of the Fondation Pacifique:
Bank: Crédit Suisse
IBAN : CH47 0483 5088 0930 7100 0

PayPal and credit card donations
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Sponsor an expédition

Fully associate your image with that of the Pacific Foundation and enhance your brand in a global way by becoming a sponsor of the foundation and its expeditions.

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You’ll benefit from the many advantages offered by this privileged status, such as:

  • Highlighting your brand on board the yachts and on the various communication media of the foundation and its expeditions, social networks and websites.
  • Organization of private events on board the sailing ships during stopovers.
  • Thematic conferences of our scientific partners of the expedition for your collaborators and partners.