Part of the Fondation Pacifique team headed to Reykjavik this morning.
During The Arctic Circle Assembly, the largest annual international gathering on the Arctic, attended by more than 2000 participants from over 60 countries, the Fondation Pacifique is honored to present “The Arctic Expedition” this Thursday, October 14 at 6:00 p.m. with a conference entitled “Sailing the Arctic Seas – a floating laboratory for science, education and the future”.
With the participation of Mrs. Ava Moll, Political and Economic Advisor, Embassy of Switzerland in
Norway and Iceland – Laure Müller, Scientific Coordinator at Fondation Pacifique – Prof. Daniel McGinnis, professor at the University of Geneva in charge of the Arctic Change program on the Mauritius – Pierre Baumgart, Naturalist & Animal Artist – Manon Wagner, Yacht Master and former beneficiary of the socio-educational program “Jeunes en Mer”.
The entire program can be found at
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