The book is 240-page big but this is definitely not its only merit. Released at the end of October 2019 by Slatkine editions in Geneva, it traces in text, map and illustrations 4 and a half years of adventures around the world aboard Fleur de Passion as part of The Ocean Mapping Expedition. Made up of short colorful stories and no less tasty testimonies reported by the many protagonists who took part in the expedition – crew members, scientists, teenagers of the socio-educational program Young at sea, passengers, etc. – the book embark us in the heart of the adventure through chronological and geographical chapters that bring us back to life this wonderful journey and its different aspects mixing science, education and culture, between high seas and coastal navigations, human and animal encounters, bustling stops all over the globe. Prefaced by the author and social entrepreneur Nicole Schwab, this chronicle from the very heart of the expedition, its moments of doubt, tension but also wonder and excitement, is beautifully illustrated by a rich selection of drawings, sketches and other watercolors and even engravings made by the 20 artists – at parity 10 women and 10 men – who embarked “in residence”. In chronological order: Zep, Matthew Berthod, Tom Tirabosco, Wazem, Peggy Adam, Isabelle Pralong, Ambroise Heir, Pierre Baumgart, Alex Baladi, Mirjana Farkas, Maurane Mazars, Cecile Koepfli, Aloys Lolo, Amelie Strobino, Frederick Peeters, Katharina Kreil, Anton Kannemeyer, Anne Bory, Kati Rickenbach, Renata Martino. To order the book, visit