“Skidding after a few 50 knot gusts. The wind strengthened with an established 40 knots. Some gusts reached 60 knots. After 4 unsuccessful attempts to re-anchor in the same place, and after a VHF call to a sailboat that was anchored on the other side of the fjord, we decided to change location. No answer from the sailboat. We went around the Thyrilsnes peninsula. Mauritius becomes more maneuverable, with a tailwind. After Thyrilsnes, the wind is less important, the waves smaller. 23 knots established. We are 1/2 miles from the sailboat. After a skidded anchorage, the second one takes. 90 m of chain. Anchorage between Thyrilsnes and Brynjudalsvogur. ”

Logbook report – June 12, 2021.

After this last tumultuous episode, the crew of the Mauritius was able to take the sea on Monday, June 14, benefiting from a more favorable weather to put the sails towards Greenland. Good sailing to them!