The Board and the whole team of the Fondation Pacifique send you their best wishes for 2021 and thank you for your support throughout the past year.
And what a year… Despite the very exceptional circumstances we all experimented in 2020, we were able to launch a new Arctic expedition focused on climate change, in partnership with the University of Geneva. A second expedition to the Red Sea on corals in partnership with our new partners from the Transnational Red Sea Center at the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne (EPFL), with the official support of the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was also due to start during the Summer but was however postponed to 2021. It is no less actively being prepared.
As for our previous expedition, The Ocean Mapping Expedition, which ended in September 2019, it continued to bear fruit, one of the most unexpected and gratifying, in a literary register, was the “special mention” of the Eric Tabarly Prize 2020 for the best sea book, received by Dans le miroir de Magellan, le rétrécissement du monde (In the mirror of Magellan, the shrinking of the world).
All these accomplishments have been made possible thanks to the invaluable commitment of our donors, long-time loyalists or newcomers. A warm thank you to all of them.
See you all in 2021 to set sail again together.
The Foundation Board