Fondation Pacifique is very pleased to offer a total of 40 artistic travel narrative workshops on the theme “Draw me the world” until the end of 2021, in partnership with the Department of Public Education (DIP). Participatory workshops to introduce students to the art of drawing travel stories and to observe the world and its current issues, particularly the environment, with the first four artists to embark “in residence” on board the Swiss sailing ship Mauritius as part of its 2020-2024 Arctic expedition.

The workshop is open to primary, secondary I and secondary II students and will be adapted according to their age. It offers…

  • the discovery and understanding of the album and the genre of travel writing ;
  • raising awareness of various current and timeless themes and issues at the heart of the expedition: the geographical journey and the inner journey, the power of the artistic medium to convey a reality, the (inter)personal, social and environmental challenges ;
  • initiation into the art of observing and transposing reality and the near and far environment ;
  • learning and practising a specific artistic technique proposed by the artist in the context of a personal work adapted to the student’s age

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